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Contemporary Bibliophily and Art Books

Le Bonheur dans le crime

Based on a short story from Diaboliques by Barbey d’Aurevilly.

Barbey d’Aurevilly’s short story, illustrated by Dado tells the story of a man who kills his wife under his mistress’ influence. The lovers go on to live an idyllic love affair.

80 pages
Format 40 x 80 cm
Text composed by hand in Romain du Roi 24 point font engraved by Philippe Grandjean from 1694 to 1714, authentic Louis XIV typography, on vellum d’Arches paper, 270g, with the watermark of the Imprimerie Nationale’s.
15 copper engravings, aquatint and dry point by Dado printed at the Atelier Alain Controux.
Book printed on the Imprimerie Nationale’s typographic presses.
Printed in April 1989.

The book is made up of 21 pages (56 x 76 cm) folded in folio, placed in a portfolio in white pure chiffon vellum fine grain 270g paper and in a box covered in black Comtesse canvas and dark blue flocked lining. Printed in:

20 numbered copies, privately printed

80 numbered copies.: 3 200 €

Comme un coursier indompté

Aillaud – Alberola - Alechinsky - Arikha - Blais - Buraglio - Messagier - Rouan
Preface: François Mitterrand

48 texts chosen among the texts written and speeches made by those who inspired or participated in the French Revolution, with 8 lithographies of contemporary painters: Aillaud, Alberola, Alechinsky, Arikha, Blais, Buraglio, Messagier, Rouan.

156 pages - Format 32 x 42 cm
Co-edited with the Centre national des arts plastiques for the bicentennial of the French Revolution. This book was contrived by Dominique Bozo, Jean-Michel Foray, Jean de Bengy, assisted by Hélène Vassal, who chose the texts and their printing order. 48 written texts or speeches from the Age of Enlightment composed by hand in Romain du Roi, designed by Philippe Grandjean, and printed on the Imprimerie Nationale’s typographic presses. 8 original lithographies by Gilles Aillaud, Jean-Michel Alberola, Pierre Alechinsky, Jean-Charles Blais, Pierre Buraglio, Jean Messagier, François Rouan printed on a special lithographic Voirin press at the Imprimerie Nationale. Avigdor Arikha’s original lithography was printed at the Imprimerie Clot, Bramsens and Georges. The box was printed by Fourier, serigrapher in Calais, and made by Reliure du Centre and Duval in Paris based on a model by Philippe Apeloig.
Printed in September 1989.

Limited to 200 copies:
100 as Presidential gifts
100 on sale via the Imprimerie nationale.

1 800 €

Éloge d’une soupçonnée

Alexandre Galpérine / René Char

René Char died on 19 February 1988, before the completion of this book which he saw as a new step in his collaboration with Alexandre Galpérine. René Char chose every single art print in this edition and asked Alexandre Galpérine to invent swash initial in illuminator style.

52 pages - Format 29 x 38,5 cm
René Char’s last poem collection, dedicated to his late wife Marie-Claude and project manager. The poems are composed by hand in Romain du Roi character, 24 point font, designed by Philippe Grandjean, on off-white Vellum d’Arches, 270 g, specially made with the Imprimerie Nationale’s watermark.
27 lithographies and 13 original swash initial designed by Alexandre Galpérine. They have been specially printed on the Voirin press of the Atelier du Livre d’Art et de l’Estampe at the Imprimerie nationale. Éloge d’une soupçonnée is presented in a Moulin du Gué envelope folder, 300g, decorated with an original lithography by Galpérine (28 x 37 cm) and in box made by Reliure d’art du Centre in Limoges. The work is printed on the Imprimerie Nationale’s typographic presses.
Printed in June 1990.

This book lover’s box set is printed in :
30 numbered copies signed by the artist, privately printed
170 numbered copies.

1 800 €

Images du Val de Loire

Jean William Hanoteau / Maurice Genevoix

The painter’s affective memory enriches the « instants » illustrating Images du Val de Loire. Maurice Genevoix’s text recalls his youth in Decize, Hanoteau’s hometown.
These aquarelles are a real tribute to the author: « My journey follows Maurice Genevoix’s along the Val de Loire, as if we had sailed down the river together…»

82 pages - Format 28,5 x 28,5 cm
Composed by hand in "University Roman" Garamont, 16 point font , coming from authentic matrices bought by Sébastien Cramoisy in 1641, the Imprimerie royale's first director, and printed on Vellum d'Arches paper.
Jean William Hanoteau's 12 original lithographies were specially printed on the Atelier du Livre d'Art et de l'Estampe's Voirin press.
The book is presented in a Lanaquarelle coarse grain envelope folder, 300g and a binding case covered in a sand-coloured cloth.
Printed in October 1990.

Limited to 330 copies, signed by the artist:
30 numbered copies, privately printed

30 numbered head copies, with a 48 x 60 cm lithographic print (numbered and signed by the artist): 690 €

270 numbered copies: 470 €

Au travail ma chérie

Pierre Buraglio / Dominique Fourcade

The authors hold a rose of memory. The rose unfurls to the sound of jazz and through extracts of works by Shakespeare, Proust and others.

48 pages - Format 20 x 26 cm
Composed by hand in Gauthier italic 14 point font on vergé de Rives chiffon paper.
Pierre Buraglio’s illustrations were printed on the Imprimerie nationale’s typographic presses.
Printed in 1992.

Box set:
30 numbered copies, privately printed
70 numbered copies signed by the Buraglio and Fourcade.

Sold out


Bertrand Dorny / Michel Butor

Caractères by Michel Butor, variations on Bertrand Dorny’s typographic creations, composed by hand with exclusive Imprimerie Nationale characters: Garamont, Jaugeon, Grandjean, Luce, Didot, Marcellin-Legrand, Gauthier in roman 20 point font. The lithographic illustrations printed on Voirin press, typographic impressions and embossing printed on American press.

28 pages, accordion fold book
Format 21 x 30,5 cm
Vellum BFK Rives paper, 270g, with the salamander watermark of the Imprimerie Nationale.
Enhanced collage.
Printed in June 1993.

This original edition is printed in 80 numbered and signed copies:
25 numbered copies, privately printed

5 numbered head copies, including a collage by the artist: Sold out

50 numbered copies: 1 500 €

Le Livre des roches et des nuages

Raffi Kaiser / Kenneth White

This book arouse out of a meeting between Israeli painter Raffi Kaiser and Scottish poet Kenneth White.
Le Livre des roches et des nuages is an open book, its 26 triptychs open up into a landscape, with original poems.

26 triptychs
Format : 31,5 x 47 cm
Each copy includes: 72 original ink and pencil sketches by Raffi Kaiser printed on Lanaquarelle, 300g. Poems by Kenneth White, printed on tracing paper, composed by hand in Garamont 24 point font.

Printed in May 1994.

Printed on the Atelier du Livre d’Art et de l’Estampe’s typographic presses at the Imprimerie Nationale.
70 numbered copies signed by Kaiser and White:
20 numbered copies, privately printed

50 numbered copies: 2 300 €

Alice in Wonderland

Martin Bradley / Lewis Carroll

Martin Bradley's artwork, similar to Klee's, conveys the nonsensical atmosphere of this "ever so british" book.

English 108 pages
French 68 pages
Format 25,5 x 36,5 cm.
English text composed by hand in Marcellin-Legrand 16 point font.
Comes with a booklet with the French translation composed in Bodoni 12 point font.
Printed in May 1994
64 illustrations by Martin Bradley printed on BFK Rives paper, 210g, on a lithographic press at the Imprimerie Nationale

Limited to 150 copies - 25 numbered copies signed by the artist, privately printed.

2 700 €

Le papillon a blanchi d’avoir si peu volé

Pierre Zanzucchi / Jean-Marie Tasset

« This is not a book. It is a floodlit place, a work without a frame and with tin sides. This collector’s work was entirely designed by the painter. The authors embarked on a journey of images and words, on a path of tracks and prints, to the rhythm of the projection of atomized colours.»

21 non-binded notebooks in a box
Format : 24,2 x 30,5 cm
Book design: drawings, lead hatching, engraving, colour application by Pierre Zanzucchi.
Composed in Garamont.
Texts printed on the Imprimerie nationale’s typographic presses.
Engraved lead base: black and bole prints, printed on the Imprimerie nationale’s typographic presses.
Engraved impressions: printing and colour application at the Bernard Duval workshop.
Collotype, associated processes: Imprimerie nationale and Bernard Duval.
Forwarding, collate, box: Duval workshop.
The box contains two tin sides and a leatherback.
Paper: Rives BFK 180 g.
Typographic butterflies designed, adapted and moulded by Jean-Paul Deschamps, based on an original by Zanzucchi. Monotype carried out at the Imprimerie nationale.
Printed in Spring 1994.

Limited to 120 numbered and signed copies.

1 800 €

L’Étape dans la clairière

Jean Bazaine / André Frénaud

The preface is a handwritten letter by André Frénaud, written in July 1979. Jean Bazaine’s postface is a posthumous tribute to André Frénaud who died while the book was being printed. André Frénaud’s long poem and Bazaine’s twelve lithographies reveal their mysterious correspondence.

64 pages - Format 32 x 41 cm
Printed on the Imprimerie Nationale’s typographic presses in Grandjean corps 24 point font on Arches paper, 270 g. Jean Bazaine’s illustrations, including the cover, have been printed on the Imprimerie Nationale’s lithographic presses. The preface by André Frénaud and the postface by Jean Bazaine were printed on the Imprimerie nationale’s collotype press.
Printed in February 1995.

Limited to 70 copies – all copies have been numbered and signed by the artist.

1 890 €

Testament de l’Oye

Jean-Paul Riopelle / Gilbert Erouart

Jean-Paul Riopelle lives a small isolated house on the island of île-aux-oies on the Saint-Laurent riverbank. For him, the injured goose is the symbol of a cosmogony inspired by the observation of their yearly migration. Painter Jean-Paul Riopelle and novelist Gilbert Erouart embarked on this project together to speak for this agony.

48 pages - Format : 57 x 76 cm
Designed by Marie-Claude Char.
Gilbert Erouart’s texts were composed by hand in Romain du Roi Grandjean and printed on the Imprimerie Nationale’s typographic presses. Jean-Paul Riopelle’s lithographies were printed on the workshop’s Voirin press under the supervision of Christian Jourdain.
Printed in March 1996.

Testament de l’Oye is presented in a box designed by the Dermont-Duval workshop.
The box is printed in 70 numbered and signed copies:
20 numbered copies, privately printed.

10 numbered copies, with a series of 6 numbered lithographic prints signed by the artist: Sold out

40 numbered copies: 6 500 €

Dernières nouvelles de Socrate

Jean Cortot / Michel Déon

Michel Déon, of the Académie française, wrote Dernières nouvelles de Socrate as a tribute to Plato’s Phédon.

44 pages - Format 22 x 30,5 cm
Book designed by Marie-Claude Char.
The text written by Michel Déon was composed by hand in Gauthier 24 point font. Jean Cortot’s 12 etchings were printed on the Atelier du Livre d’Art et de l’Estampe’s engraving press at the Imprimerie nationale.
Printed in Mars 1996.
The book comes in a box designed by the Atelier Dermont-Duval.

Limited to 100 copies:
25 numbered copies, privately printed
5 numbered head copies, with 12 engravings and an original by Jean Cortot and a page from Michel Déon’s manuscript.

10 deluxe copies with 12 engravings, numbered from VI to XV: Sold out

60 numbered copies: 1 200 €

Collection Bois gravés du XIXe siècle

As a tribute to the masters of French engraving of the 19th Century, the Cabinet des Poinçons (Punch Room) presents a collection of wood engravings, associated with a series of texts on various themes. Each series associates 5 engravings printed on original wood, and hand composed texts, composed with the Imprimerie Nationale’s historical typefaces.

Two titles available:
Suite pastorale
L’or gris des chaumes
Format : 18 x 19 cm
5 four-page notebooks and 4 single pages, with art prints or embossing, in a case.
Typographic composition and printing.

Limited to 200 numbered copies
and 15 numbered copies, privately printed

95 €