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The cabinet des poinçons (Punch Room)

An Imprimerie Nationale jewel and a listed Historic Monument, where some 700,000 objects are kept, punches, copperplates, wood blocks and vignettes, created since the reign of François I.

The treasures of the Cabinet des Poinçons (Punch Room) : The seven exclusive types of the Imprimerie nationale, with punches from 4 to120 points, in Garamont or Romain de l’Université, Grandjean or Romain du Roi, Luce or "Type poëtique", Didot millimétrique or Romain de l’Empereur, Marcellin-Legrand,Jaugeon and Gauthier; the copperplates of the Jaugeon commission, studies for the design of a mathematically perfect type; Luce’s typographical vignettes; the collection of Oriental types, Claude Garamont’s Grecs du Roi, hieroglyphs, Arabic types cut by Robert Granjon, the “Avicenne”, “Euclide”, the “Four Gospels”, Ninivite cuneiform, Aramaic, Syriac, Farsi, Tifinagh, Runic, Nägarï, Tamil, Tibetan, Siamese, Manchu and the remarkable Buis du Régent, Chinese types engraved on wood from 1715 onwards. The collection is completed with materials donated by the foundry of Deberny & Peignot, comprising the famous types Auriol, Naudin, Grasset, Cochin, Peignot, etc.